Antiviral Textile Treatment

Viral reduction of 99% or more, wash durable and safe for use on a variety of garments.

Antiviral Textile Finish

In our effort to help combat this coronavirus covid19 pandemic, we have been researching anti-viral technologies and ways we can adopt our processing plant which will enable us to apply antimicrobial and antiviral treatments to textiles.

We are offering our services to UK manufacturers and suppliers of textiles including PPE, a new product called VIRALOFF for solving the issue of viruses hanging around on textiles and the risk to health, this has anti-virus properties and is wash durable and safe for use.

This we can apply to your products AFTER they are made, Such as face masks, surgical gowns, scrubs, hospital blankets, uniforms, the list is endless as long at it is in piece/garment form. There is no known affect to colour fastness.

What are the benefits of ViralOff?

Viral reduction of 99% or more. In these times, we need to say little more. But to spell it out, there are many instances where you simply don't want viruses to thrive, be it in hospital wear, in operation scrubs, in facemasks, medical and mountain rescue team wear, and so on. But also, in certain consumer products that are on your face or easily touch your face. Many products will benefit from this protection as they also can be used longer.

This process is new technology and products shall require testing to ISO 1814:2019, we welcome any new partner who may be interested in our services and wish to navigate through these extraordinary times together and make our future a safer place especially for the front line and key workers.

We do have finishing and packing facility if required and can supply appropriate hangtags and/or stickers which are for any product making a claim against virus and are necessary according to BPR regulations for Europe when products are sold on the market including to hospitals or police for example.

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Facilities and Capacity

We have installed new purpose built computerised machinery in our modern industrial unit and are capable of processing load sizes of 5k to 50k; including sample & development work.


Company staff are also dyeing and finishing consultants, having visited overseas installations and advised customers on their process techniques and efficiency. We are willing to advise on all aspects of dyeing and finishing.

We have successfully helped overseas clients to redesign their processes and techniques.The clients have achieved both cost saving benefits and efficiency improvements.

Garment Finishing, Packing and Delivery

We offer a range of value added finishes on garments, personally supervised by ourselves. Garment finishing, all garments are hand pressed prior to packing. We also offer a delivery service using our own vehicles.

GDPR Compliance

Here at Specialist Textile Processing, we take your privacy seriously and will only use your personal information to administer your account and to provide the products and services you have requested from us.

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